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Hire an expert, says Poirot

I’m twisting my mind over a simple short story. Agatha Christie’s short story, The Missing Will , follows the deduction of fictional Belgian private detective Hercule Poirot after receiving a request to find a missing will.  The request came from a lady orphan with “book knowledge,” or someone who went through formal education. Her late uncle’s first will states that she uses her mind to find his final will that entrusts all his properties to her. Otherwise, what he has will be donated to various institutions. The lady uses her mind—she goes to M. Poirot for help! And M. Poirot kindly acknowledges this. What is funny, though, is that the conventional-minded and unschooled uncle mocked his niece’s education. She hires an expert when he, too, has hired experts—masons, builders—to form a puzzle for his will hunt. So what is education, then? I’m twisting my mind like that. * * *