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My Life in Seven Days #7 - #10: Aftermath of Typhoon Odette, A Personal Experience

Typhoon Odette hit Central Visayas in the Philippines on December 16. Before that, we celebrated my husband’s birthday on the 13th with a cake and a kilo of lechon. I asked Billy of 96.3 WRock to greet him, and he did. My husband woke up just in time to hear it. On another day, Jac escaped from his leash and made a good dash back and forth about four times before we successfully clasped the leash on him. My book mail also arrived on the 14th. I also made graphics for a pull-up banner for my sister who planned to sell K-pop-related merchandise at Parkmall for three days (later canceled and postponed upon news on Odette). Really, they were regular, sunny days. Then typhoon Odette hit us. Where we are in Cebu City, rain fell helter-skelter and the wind was savage. It was night. Electricity went off then. My husband and I worked hard for hours to keep the flood from entering our living space. Jac-Jac, who was sleeping, woke up wet and confused and scared. Odette has already plucked parts