My Life in Seven Days #6

December 5, 2021, Saturday

Just a haiku for today:

the elysian fields

glowed so brightly while pouring

melancholic rain

December 6, 2021, Monday

Today was my mama-in-law’s birthday. Contrary to stories I heard from long-ago friends about mothers-in-law being frustrating, my story with my mama-in-law is one filled with blessing and gratitude. I’m happy that she is a fighter, fighting to overcome her physical limitations one day at a time. So her birthday today was special. And it was only right that we celebrate it however humbly. Big thanks to my sister-in-law for preparing a small but delicious salo-salo.

I announced on my Facebook account that I would be giving away 10 books to clean my book space. My former colleague at SkyCable, Nova, asked for them. I will have them delivered via Maxim next week after some book cleaning. 

December 7, 2021, Tuesday

Every day is a demon-slaying battle. I strive to be loyal to my self-imposed therapy to get better:

  • praying (I subscribe to YouVersion and to Our Daily Bread)

  • journaling (My Life in Seven Days)

  • reading (light novels and cozy mysteries for now, emotionally charged books–my favorite, especially memoirs and the Japanese ones–will have to wait a little longer)

  • haiku writing (I try to sharpen my senses and write one or two haiku a week)

  • factual writing (Women’s Voices)

  • house cleaning (a freshly swept floor at the heels of a frisky dog makes my womb feel lighter)

  • dog walking (more like exercise–I love my dog, but I don’t like exercise, but I love my dog, so you get the picture, right?)

I thoroughly cleaned my kitchen. What satisfaction and peace of mind! 

I started reading Vaseem Khan’s The Perplexing Theft of the Jewel in the Crown, the sequel to The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra. Light detective novels to calm my mind. Inspector Chopra, in my mind, is a leaner and darker-skinned version of Hercule Poirot and Inspector Singh. 

December 8, 2021, Wednesday

I had to settle some family matters. Then, with my mother, my husband and I helped my sister buy her motorcycle, a Honda Beat, her first vehicle registered under her name. It was a momentous occasion. And I’ll treasure this special family moment forever. 

Nancy Cudis Ucag Cebu blogger writer the memoriter

December 9, 2021, Thursday

Today was our wedding anniversary. We have been married for seven years and been together for 16 years. We would joke that if we had a child at the start of our relationship, he or she would be 15 or 16 years old now. However, like usual, I had a negative physical reaction to this thought, no matter how old our inside joke was. I couldn't picture myself yet being a mother, more so now that I recently learned I have physical and mental health challenges I have to overcome first.

To celebrate, I bought a mango mousse cake from Sans Rival. My husband loved it. I also told him (again) that being with him was my best life decision. I mean, how often do you come across a man who could wait nine years (even longer) for you while you were busy chasing your dreams and working on making a name for yourself? 

Nancy Cudis Ucag

December 10, 2021, Friday

I kept checking Lazada to see where my new order of Big Bad Wolf books (mostly light detective novels to appease myself) would arrive. It was supposed to arrive yesterday, but I think the bad weather and Christmas rush created a bit of chaos in the delivery system. The expected date for my order to arrive was adjusted to December 13. I look forward to it. After all, there is greater pleasure in waiting. 

December 11, 2021, Saturday

I walked my dog early in the morning for nearly 30 minutes. I was sweating profusely.

My Developmental Theater class did an amazing technical rehearsal. I was grateful to Ms. Mia for sitting in as a critique. I would like to believe that if you stop being a micro-teacher (I was one but I’m trying to improve myself) and simply be a guide and let your students unleash their creativity, your teaching life will bring you many happy surprises. 

I couldn’t stop myself. I worked for about six hours until 12:30 a.m. I wanted to work a little longer, but the pile of laundry that needed a good washing beckoned.

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  1. Happy anniversary, Nanc and hubby. Your voice is calm and calming even when you write about controlling the demons. It must be hard-won, this niche of quiet that your writing creates. Daghang salamat for sharing, Nanc.


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