My Life in Seven Days #5

November 28, 2021, Sunday

I watched Studio Ghibli’s Only Yesterday. What a beautiful movie!

I updated my blog. 

Christmas gifts for my sister and mother arrived in the mail today.

I took a late afternoon nap.

A haiku to describe the current state of my mental health:

Blank mind, restless mind, 

anxious mind, agitated 

mind, sad mind, cold mind

November 29, 2021, Monday

I missed watching true crime documentaries. I promised my husband not to, for a while. I easily absorb negative energies; the positive kind is what I need right now. 

Before his bath, Jac managed to escape from his leash and ran outside, about 10 meters away. I briskly walked my way after him in my pajamas and apron and carried a 17-pound puppy back home. What a sight we must have been!

Thank God for Civet’s mocha frappuccino with caramel syrup. It’s a heavenly creation.

November 30, 2021, Tuesday

Just a new haiku for today:

Beams of light cut through 

the dark broken roof, flashing

myriad little spots

And an old haiku published on this blog three years ago, which made me giggle at my naivety:

Beach waves come and go

like a shameful love affair:

“Come here, love, then leave.”

December 1, 2021, Wednesday

I wasn’t feeling too good, like fatigue, my shoulders gravitated heavily to the ground. I was feeling down again. I asked my husband to get us out of the house. So he did and he brought me to eat lunch at Ding How in Ayala Central Bloc where I had beef soup (on a hot day) and halo-halo (rightly so). That lifted my shoulders up a bit. I also bought lots of nuts at Daiso – walnuts, cashew, almonds, mixed nuts, and sunflower seeds. That lifted my shoulders up a bit more. 

We waited for midnight to celebrate my birthday, just the two of us. I kept looking at the clock. I quite anticipated my birthday after all. My husband was more excited than I was, singing and dancing here and there. This man keeps me grounded. His very existence, his being alive (he survived after he was shot by a criminal four times) is my daily reminder that it is good to be alive, no matter how cruel the world or how indifferent/selfish some people can be. 

My husband and I had Yellow Cab pizza and seafood pasta that arrived via Grab five minutes past midnight. I was happy.

December 2, 2021, Thursday

At 8:20 a.m. I heard Billy greet me on WRock 96.3 right after mentioning that it was also Britney Spears’ birthday. I recorded the greeting on my phone. He always greeted me on my birthday in the past few years, and it was only my second time to hear it. 

Grateful for the following:

  • Food on the table and freshly cooked rice

  • Birthday greetings from my husband, mother, sister, family, colleagues, teachers, friends,relatives, clients, and acquaintances

  • Pink roses from mother-in-law and a pretty sling bag from sister-in-law and her son

  • Chowking platter of fried rice, siomai, and sweet and sour pork for lunch

  • Books bought from Fully Booked and Big Bad Wolf (husband’s gifts)

  • Mother’s cooking and pajama and necklace gifts and sister’s cake and mug warmer gift

  • Late-night video call with sister about manga, anime, and business

I missed dad very much.

December 3, 2021, Friday

I finished reading Vaseem Khan’s The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra. What an adorable character, this Inspector Chopra! This was the second book I finished reading after dad’s death. This is a personal triumph. I missed so much the satisfaction of completely reading a book.

I started reading a poetry collection, a Japanese-authored novel, a spirituality book, and a couple of nonfiction books, but I was always distracted, my mind adrift, my heart still overwhelmed by momentary (but many) outbursts of realizations that dad, and many others whom I shared beautiful memories with, had passed away. 

December 4, 2021, Saturday

I received my Multimedia Storytelling students' initial output for finals. I met my Developmental Theater class in the afternoon and they presented their rehearsal very well. I’m proud of their creativity and diligence. They greeted me with a belated happy birthday, too, and that warmed my heart.

It was my first time using Dr. Wong’s Sulfur with Moisturizer on Jac who has itching problems. He’s quite big now and looking more like a wolf by the day than a Belgian or Chow Chow or German Shepherd. His mama is half fox terrier after all.

I was sleepy all day, even after a good night’s sleep.

My second blog post for Women’s Voices was published today.


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