My Life in Seven Days #4

November 21, Sunday 

I listened to and sang some Air Supply songs.

I wrote three haiku sequences. I’ll share one here:

The sun dips below line, 
beckoning workers home to 
flavorful cooking.

Our dog took a bath—a really good exercise for me.

November 22, Monday 

A neighbor’s toddler was screaming for about 30 minutes. 

My husband got a new haircut that makes him look doubly dashing.

What wonders a 30-minute afternoon nap could do!

I watched Running Man, as a long-time fan of Jeon Somin.

Chacheer’s sunflower seeds are so addicting. My husband bought me one ripe papaya.

November 23, Tuesday 

It’s getting challenging yet doubly fun to walk Jac now; he’s so curious and strong. I may have to let go of his leash soon. 

Like yesterday, I took an afternoon nap. I’m beginning to appreciate it as something beneficial for my mental health and self-care.

I remembered how emotionally wrought I was last week, and wondered how I survived every second. I was so on the edge that I felt like crying all the time, and I’m grateful to my husband for keeping me in check.

November 24, Wednesday 

Again, with sadness, I remembered the people who joined our Creator in the past year and who made an impact in my life: my dad, sir Bobit, sir Jun Velez, Madam Madz dela Cerna, Mr. Roiles, Mr. Gandullas, Ma’am Savellon, Madam Degamo, and more. They are in my prayers.

I started watching Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventure, and I think everything is lovely so far. I had a past whim of doing the same kind of travel after reading the very beautifully drawn and told manga, Otoyomegatari (A Bride’s Story), by Kaoru Mori. 

I bought yellow roses today from the flower seller.

November 25, Thursday

It rained in the afternoon. Instead of a walk, Jac, my husband, and I played in the garage instead. We also checked out our apartment quarters waiting for renovation to “keep the dream alive.” Jac took a whining bath, too.

I ordered six books from Big Bad Wolf for nearly P1,500 (shipping fee included). For that amount, I could only buy two or three books from Fully Booked. BBW is on Lazada now, and I think that’s utterly amazing.

I got a Google Assistant notification that my birthday is near. My husband reminded me, too. Since our “accident” nearly a decade ago, every day is a birthday, a Valentine’s Day, a Christmas, and a New Year. I don’t treat my birthday with the same enthusiasm as I did when I was turning 15 years old.

November 26, Friday

Cleaning and laundry time at dawn (a “me” time), and I was happy about it. I was at it for 3.5 hours, and I still haven’t cleaned the cooking area very well yet.

Mama made a surprise visit. Boboy stayed with her. I had a deadline to beat, regrettably. I was able to give her that pair of slippers that made her smile widely. I was happy.

A haiku to describe the sudden night rain:

The sky’s quick mood swings
there and then, harping wildly 
virulent reviews.

A passing stranger asked if Jac is a Belgian dog. We finally found his closest-looking breed, after debating heatedly over Chow Chow mixed with German Shepherd. 

Like a child, I happily went through my very humble collection of bookmarks and postcards.

November 27, Saturday

A sudden thought: One of my wishes is for my mother to stop organizing grand things and taking too many photos, take a deep breath, sit down with us, talk to us about the past and present, and be content with a barbecue meal. (But we love our mothers too much, right, so we indulge them just as much.)

My sister, husband, and I went to a motorcycle dealer (emphasis: only to research). We dropped by and visited my parents’ home in Mandaue.

I launched Women’s Voices on my blog.

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