My Life in Seven Days #1

October 31, 2021, Sunday

Sundays are best for walking my dog, Jac-Jac, although I walk with him almost every day. We both need exercise since we gain a kilo every week.

November 1, Monday

I miss my dad.

My mother visited me, bringing leftovers of altar offerings. I took a beautiful picture of her.

November 2, Tuesday

Inspired by my walk with Jac, I wrote a haiku. It goes like this:

Purple-colored weeds.

Around it, uneven grassㅡ

Pretty, small misfits.

November 3, Wednesday

I received a job offer, the second one this year. The first one was as a PR Officer and the second one as a Marketing and Communications Manager. I’m sincerely grateful. 

But after lengthy conversations with God, myself, and my husband, I declined both. 

I did the laundry.

November 4, Thursday

I closed a client contract for The Memoriter. Sales invoice is being printed for the Nanshe Store. 

I’m happy to discover that Sheryn Regis now has a vlog.

November 5, Friday

I had a layered haircut and a facial. 

November 6, Saturday

Class time. I’m grateful for my students’ diligence. They give me hope for a bright future for our country.

I started My Life in Seven Days on my blog.

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