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Confab with Kim Charlie, the new president of Cebu Bloggers Society

Hello, readers! It is always exciting to meet inspiring people and listen to their intimate thoughts, however briefly, from which we can draw life lessons. Our first discourse published last week featured Noelle and Sofia and their positive thoughts on self-care. This week, our conversation on A Woman of Letters ( #AWOLconfab ) puts another lovely person under the spotlight. Meet Kim Charlie Cruz, the new president of the Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS), a remarkable and deserving ascent from being the group’s treasurer in the past term. He blogs at , focusing on events, style, food, and travel, and satiates his stronghold of more than 10,000 followers with a beautiful repository of photos on Instagram —all these while working on a full-time job and maintaining his position as a multimedia talent at baisocial . In this second discourse, I got the opportunity to get to know him a little better after asking him about his leadership style and plans for CBS. Here’s what he

A repository of news

I once described this blog as a writing portfolio of sorts. You will find in this blog some of my creative outputs. But creative writing is not all that I do as  a professional writer and editor . I also do various forms of writing and editing for individuals and organizations, such as corporate writing, website writing, blogging, journalistic writing, documentation, copyediting, technical editing, and the like. Here, I compiled some news I wrote and/or edited in the past for a credible and reputable Cebu-based digital platform—more for myself to be used as a reference than anything else. (Note: I used the initials NRC to refer to my maiden name: Nancy R. Cudis.) Capitol News 7-ha. socialized housing plan for gov’t employees kicks off P1.88-M waste storage facility in Camotes hospital inaugurated City of Naga to pour P10M Capitol aid into boardwalk improvement 3 Cebu towns support swab-upon-arrival policy Guv invokes local government code to address ROF, OFW quarantine policy C

Wednesday blooms

On Twitter, I was open about the things I missed during the home quarantine. One of those was the market flowers. The public market was only about one kilometer from where I lived, but I couldn’t even go there when the strict home quarantine was imposed. I used to meditatively walk to the public market with my reliable eco bag to buy fruits, vegetables, fish, and a bunch of flowers every two weeks. During the quarantine, food supply became a top priority, putting beautiful things that could have reduced the stress, such as flowers, on the back burner. Flowers are special to me. In my parents’ house, there are always flowers at the altar. When we go to cemeteries to visit dead relatives, flowers are a staple. When I was a child, we bought flowers after attending masses. In my own small home with my husband, having flowers in our tiny kitchen brightens up the entire room. But for nearly a year, we never had any real flowers, which was, to me, such a downer of a fact. A few months ago

Confab with Noelle and Sofia, two girls under the sun

Noelle and Sofia Welcome to the first conversation on A Woman of Letters (#AWOLconfab). Our first exchange features two women who advocate in their own way the value of self-care under any circumstances while sharing the things they like to be surrounded with and the activities they love to do. Meet Noelle and Sofia , the owners of the dreamy blog called Two Girls Under the Sun . Apart from their website, you should also check out their soothing Instagram Stories. They are Theresians making admirable collaborative strides in advocating their cause under the umbrella of their special friendship. In 2020, their blog post titled “ Growing Closer While Miles Apart: 8 Ways to Keep the Friendship DuringQuarantine ” won in the Best Quarantine Blog category of the Best Cebu Blog Awards . With a grateful heart, I engaged in a discourse with them on the topic of self-care, and here’s what they think. * * * Nancy: What is your concept of self-care? Is there such a thing as good self-care and

The Flowers of May

Dad's favorite places to go were the churches. Dear Reader (or the Nancy a decade from now), I saw how my dad died—an iron-muscled hero with the strongest will to live and the sincerest display of faith in God until his last breath. It was May 12, 2021, past 4 p.m. The sun was probably petulant about setting down and the world outside was probably just as cranky about being curried by the heat. But on that afternoon, I was not part of the outside world. I was trapped in a sphere bordered by the four walls of the room on the seventh floor of Chong Hua Hospital. In that sphere, all I could see was my father. Here was the man who carried cases of beer and soft drinks for more than 35 years, from propelling a two-wheeled pushcart to deliver to houses blocks away to driving an elf truck to get fresh supplies from another barangay. Here was the man who carried me several times growing up from the sofa in our living room where I would fell asleep while reading to my bedroom a few mete

Dear Reader

How are you? How are you coping with the quarantine protocols, limited mobility, and equally limited physical social interaction? What were your happy moments? How was your vaccination experience? Whatever is the form of the wind or sun outside your window, I hope you are faring well, that you are healthy. Let me introduce myself again. I am Nancy. This is my virtual notebook, a reflection of my interests, and a writing portfolio of sorts. Most of what you’ll find here are book reviews and amateur attempts at literary penning because my identity seems to naturally assimilate reading and writing. Other things you’ll discover in this blog are my advocacies and my trials and errors in gardening. What’s exciting is that I’m planning to add four new categories—self-care, editorial, letters, and discourses. In the past year, I discovered how caring for the self is just as important as eating an adequate meal for breakfast. As someone who is practically convent-raised (both at home and