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WILA celebrates 29 years of sisterhood and literary arts in Cebu

It is no secret that I was hesitant to join the Women in Literary Arts, Inc.-Cebu (WILA) when I was encouraged to do so, more than six years ago. Each member of the group is successful in their own way—their literary works are published in journals and magazines, they have received awards and highest merits, they have published several books, and they are very learned and passionate in their craft. I thought at the time, “How can I possibly catch up?” But I found that I had the wrong perspective. Although I felt awkward in the first few WILA activities I joined in as a non-member observer and participant, I relish the sincere display of the members’ devotion to the group, their literary genius, and their unique individual personalities. Things snowballed eventually and I found myself submitting my own works as part of my membership application. In September 2020, I joined in the preparation and celebration of WILA’s 29th anniversary, my second official participation after I was i

Where I bought books during the long months of home quarantine (and what I learned from the experience)

During the mandated home quarantine, I have begrudgingly resigned myself to the fact that it will be a long time until I get to go out for relaxation and visit local bookstores. This is why I am grateful for online sellers and shops who made book buying a satisfying and convenient experience. Satisfying, because many of them still update their inventory and I consequently fall into the comfortable trap of reading book blurbs, book reviews, and their first pages--part of my usual book buying process. And convenient, simply because they offer various payment options, primarily cash-on-delivery.  I bought books from the following stores during the long months of home quarantine. The links indicate only the sites where I did my book shopping.  (in alphabetical order) Anvil Publishing ( Website , Shopee ) Ateneo de Manila University Press ( Shopee ) ( Website ) Avenida Books ( Shopee ) Biblio ( Website )  BooksforLess ( Website ) btw.cbu ( Instagram ) Fullybooked ( Website )