Stay strong. Stay hopeful. Stay.

In these abnormal times, as we try to live through the motions of time with an infectious disease in the pervasive backdrop, the life of bookworms and micro-business owners like me is also disrupted. In my case, the world is distracting me from reading, from working and even from writing with my usual focus and absorption. I am frequently tempted to leech off information, both negative and positive, from social media every other hour, hoping to connect dots of rationality and logic in human behavior, to discover glimmers of government action, to temper my fears. Each time, I would be overwhelmed by the amount of fake news and by the capacity of the people to produce negative energy and go against basic prevention tips. That search for hope, for a speck of silver lining is replaced by gut-depth dread that we will be our own sad undoing in the future.

These past two weeks are the longest I have ever lived through, longer than the time I spent with my husband-then-boyfriend when he was shot, nearly went into critical condition, and spent two weeks in recovery. I grapple to make sense of what is happening and, when I couldn’t, I would channel my tears to my heart and hold them tight there because my focus now for my family is one grateful day of home quarantine at a time. My appeal to you is to be strong, physically and mentally, while you stay safe and secure in your home. Eat properly, exercise, sleep enough, listen to positive music, pray, laugh, enjoy each moment. Find strength in God and in meditation, tend your inner peace, focus on the important. Even when the news of the infectious disease steals your time when you worry, it should not rob you of the opportunity to live as a blessed human being, a creation of God, gifted with a new day of sun, land, air, water, and the constant hearts of those who love you.

Stay home. Stay put. Stay strong. Stay safe. Stay hopeful. Stay.

Stay. And live.

(Photo and text by Nancy Cudis-Ucag. All Rights Reserved.)


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