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#TBR2019RBR: A Book Reading Challenge

I am looking forward to 2019 with refreshed enthusiasm over reading. To manifest this, I decided to join the2019 TBR Pile Challenge hosted byRoof Beam Reader. I have not participated in any reading or blogging challenges for three years or so. But I have been reading books, at least one work a month, and it would be a shame not to share what I think about them, especially whenone of the goals of this particular virtual space is to encourage the magical experience of reading.
My background and current interests are strongly reflected by the books I selected for this challenge. They are all nonfiction, and their topics encompass history, culture, heritage, journalism, and current events. Four of them are about experiences outside my country, Philippines, one covers Asia, and the rest (nine) are by Filipino writers speaking their creative minds or displaying their critical line of thinking on matters both old and current.

Here is my #TBR2019RBR list:
1. Afro-Asia in Upheaval: A Memoir of Fr…