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My Life in Seven Days #5

November 28, 2021, Sunday I watched Studio Ghibli’s Only Yesterday . What a beautiful movie! I updated my blog.  Christmas gifts for my sister and mother arrived in the mail today. I took a late afternoon nap. A haiku to describe the current state of my mental health: Blank mind, restless mind,  anxious mind, agitated  mind, sad mind, cold mind November 29, 2021, Monday I missed watching true crime documentaries. I promised my husband not to, for a while. I easily absorb negative energies; the positive kind is what I need right now.  Before his bath, Jac managed to escape from his leash and ran outside, about 10 meters away. I briskly walked my way after him in my pajamas and apron and carried a 17-pound puppy back home. What a sight we must have been! Thank God for Civet’s mocha frappuccino with caramel syrup. It’s a heavenly creation. November 30, 2021, Tuesday Just a new haiku for today: Beams of light cut through  the dark broken roof, flashing myriad little spots And an old haiku

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