Haiku #1

Carnival of food:
Pain, sweat and deposits of
Solid, liquid, gas

Haiku #2

Rain fell, splash and jump
Drops a thousand shouting tears.
Inside, a funeral.

Haiku #3

Women in short shorts
Men's heads turned, their mouths whistled.
Bang! Car hit a tree.

Haiku #4

Cheer of summer air:
Long work-free trip to the beach
On your prized day off

Haiku #5

Colored horizon
On top of the blue calm sea,
Erased by rude rain

Haiku #6

Heat from sun, from streets,
Torture walk across the road
Where ice cream cart waits

Haiku #6

Herds of sea-goers
Flocked the shore, shared the coolness -
Blue sea turned ditch brown.

Haiku #7

Beach waves come and go,
Like a shameful love affair,
Come here, love, then leave.

Haiku #8

Syrup, pill, massage:
I savor this time before
Torrents of coughs strike.

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